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10 Amazing WordPress Aspects That You Didn’t Know

10 Amazing WordPress Aspects That You Didn’t Know

Do you know about exactly? has been designed as a platform and service for the customers and users who don't want to interact with the core WordPress software themselves and would not want it to be handled by any other. Thus, with, you can establish an account that is considered the user profile and then utilize a simpler version of WordPress, which is already deployed on the platform's servers. You can build a website faster with this method than standard WordPress, but you lose some capabilities.

WordPress is open-source software that prioritizes openness, efficiency, security, and simplicity. We believe that great technology should require little setup so that you can concentrate on freely sharing the story, products, or services. The WordPress software is straightforward and dependable, making it simple to get started. It also has outstanding features for progress and success.

The authorities believe in the democratization of publication and the liberties that open source provides—a big group of folks working on and supporting this project embrace this notion. The WordPress ecosystem is kind and inclusive. Our contributors' enthusiasm fuels WordPress's growth, enabling you to achieve your objectives. With that passage of time, the website developed by WordPress software is configuring with new changes and development. WordPress has a tone of great features and is constantly evolving. Most of these aspects may not receive the recognition they deserve and may be overlooked. With new stages of development and distinct phases, WordPress is consistently evolving its features.

We'll reveal to you ten incredible WordPress capabilities you didn't seem to know about in this article. Through this, you would realize how these features are beneficial for you, and they are secretly hidden, but you don't know about them.

 Use Screen Options to Show/Hide Objects

On different pages of your WordPress administration area, you may well have spotted the Screen Settings button. You can use the Screen Settings icon to show and conceal things on the WordPress dashboard screen you're currently seeing. New WordPress users sometimes overlook this feature. It enables you to streamline admin pages such as the post edit screen to fit your process. This will also show a fantastic interface for you and provide you with a sense of customization.

Widgets on the Dashboard: Move, Add, or Remove

When users check-in, they are automatically sent to the page the dashboard in the Admin panel. The dashboard section had many useful shortcuts which leads to the various aspects of the website. These components are separated into dashboard widgets, which are individual boxes. To see or hide the particular boxes, click the Display Settings icon. For reorganizing your content, drag and drop options support you in your WordPress dashboard. The dashboard is the first picture of your website and it shows how your statistics are going on day by day in terms of views and visits.

Allocate and Fix URL Options For Linkage of Visual Editor

WordPress 4.5 has originated and introduced the link of editing in the visual editor. Many people were unaware that instead of utilizing a window to paste an URL, they could pick a word and paste the URL by pressing CTRL+V. It is easily transformed into a link by the plugin. The plugin will set all desired stuff in that link through an image design to make you aware of what that link is all about. WordPress has provided us with multiple features which can be known by exploring it. It is the most popular website platform, with many services available to its users and clients. WordPress customers use the platform for their businesses and blogs, and they make a lot of money doing so.

The Mode for Widgets For Accessibility

Naturally, we felt to have drag and drop options in the sidebars. Furthermore, it is not easy for many users to drag and drop the features through the usage of a mouse or trackpad. In the same manner, WordPress also came with the element of mode for widgets in the sense of accessibility. The accessibility forum made it easier to add the widgets without making changes through dragging and dropping. The method of accessibility for WordPress devices can be attained by clicking on the options of screen buttons right away, like Appearance then to Widgets. So utilize these options as per your will and enjoy the customized features for your website.

Themes Can Be Viewed Without Being Activated

Through the aspect of the theme, your website looks catchy and attractive to the target market and users. Numerous users are concerned that altering their WordPress theme may negatively impact the website. Their anxiety is valid, so we've put together a list of things to consider before switching WordPress themes. 

You can try out a different piece while activating it, for example. Deploy the latest WordPress theme, then navigate to Appearance » Themes. Choose the Live button for preview, which is next to the thumbnails of the freshly installed design. WordPress will open the themes editor, which will show users a glimpse of your website with a different theme. Select and opt for a piece for yourself and enjoy working with your favorite interface.

Edit Images in WordPress

Without the component of theme or image, the site wouldn't show an attractive interface. The Images will make your website a wonderful and catchy one. WordPress has provided you with a platform where you can add images linking to the post and pages. Many beginners don't know the feature and aspects of the image editing feature. You have to visit the Media then Library page and then press for any of the images. 

You may click on the Edit—Image button from the image popup. As in the editing options, you can have the components of cropping, rotating, and resizing the pattern of the image. The image can be flipped in a the vertical direction or horizontal if flipped. When you need to rapidly edit or adjust a multiple image file associated with WordPress, these photo editing factors are helpful. 

wordpress edit image

Divide a single post into several pages

In WordPress, there is also an option to divide and segregate your posts into several pages. So, do you want to break up a long pole into several pages? Include the tag in your blog, and WordPress automatically divides it into two pages. If you wish to divide it into several pages, add the category again. This function is beneficial if you're writing a lengthy article but don't want your readers to scroll too much.

Sites, videos, and media can be embedded.

Blogging is an art, and there is a considerable market of writers in the marketplace. Similarly, sites, videos, and multimedia can also be added to your content. WordPress will automatically incorporate material from prominent websites such as YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Enter a URL in one of the authorized sites, and WordPress will integrate it for you instantly. All Web pages have become Embed providers from WordPress 4.4. This implies you can copy and paste a URL from some other website. By pasting the URL, you can have the exclusive feature of that particular content.

WordPress's Hidden Secret Preferences Webpage

WordPress has provided the hidden pages for the options of a blog. The page is hidden because a mess up can quickly be made to this page. That's why WordPress won't require showing up the relevant page. You can check the page with the mentioned URL below:

Shortcuts of the Keyboard let you Work Faster

Many users utilize WordPress just for the building of content. This is why the developers of WordPress are always trying their best to improve the experiences of writing. WordPress consists of a great range of shortcuts pertain to the keyboard so that you have the facility to write in a faster mode. Apart from available shortcuts, you may also use the Markdown formatting shortcuts. Enter the shortcuts of formatting and WordPress, then integrate them into HTML.

Final Thoughts 

WordPress developers work from all over the world and have put in untold hours to create a technology that makes publishing more accessible. WordPress is the most popular and invaluable piece of free software. WordPress is the highest-ranked website platform that provides a great range of services to its users and customers. The multiple users of WordPress utilize this platform for their business and blogging and earn a good amount of money through the platform. 

The above-mentioned hidden features are so valuable, this sometimes happens when we work on different platforms, but we don't have any information about it. Via this, you will discover how beneficial these aspects are for you and how they have been hidden while you are unaware of them. These mentioned components help you out in the development of your site and blogging. So, what are you waiting for? Just don’t think and start your business with WordPress great features and plans and enjoy it.

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