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9 Best WordPress Themes of 2022

9 Best WordPress Themes of 2022
9 best WordPress Themes

Display and graphics are the essential factors in capturing the attention of the target market and customers. If you launch a website whose design is not appealing and enticing, the viewer's attention will be drawn elsewhere. So, are you looking for the best themes that give your website a perfect catchy and elegant look that helps your vision and brand enlighten magnificently?

In WordPress, with around 11,000 themes available, it may be pretty hard for beginners to search out the themes for their requirements. We are often asked by the user mutual times if there is a theme that fits all of the cases. Yes, WordPress possesses this feature as well. You can utilize the popular themes of WordPress, which are multipurpose and can be used on any website. The selection of a suitable theme is most important because it can have a massive impact on the growth and development of the website.

In the reference article, we have provided you with the best themes of WordPress for the year 2022 to facilitate you in finding the right one for your website.

We've gone over a few WordPress themes that appear to be appealing, with a simple interface and a great appearance. Now it's up to you to decide which theme is best for your website, as it also relies on the purpose of your sites, such as whether it's for business, e-commerce, or blogs.

The Best WordPress Themes

Our complete focus in this article is to discuss the great and popular themes of WordPress within the respective dimensions. There are themes that pertain to niche-specific and multipurpose themes that can be utilized on any website.

You can select the right one based on your use situation and scenarios. After that, let's start looking at the quality themes of WordPress available.


As we have discussed, about the multipurpose theme of WordPress, Divi is discovered by the Elegant themes, which is the leading theme store across the world. Divi comprises a default and built-in drag and drop builder, which you may use to generate any layout. You may get 800 already made layouts of Divi and website packs 100+ that you can utilize to take up your new project. Divi enables you to store the custom layouts in the Divi library, so you can use them later when required.

2. Ultra

The Ultra is considered the significant and flexible theme of WordPress, developed by Themify. The themify makes it easy and convenient for you to create any website about the outstanding builder of drag and drop. Through the help of a single click, you can import the demo configuration, which incorporates the various settings of themes, content, different widgets, menus and more. This facilitates you in creating new projects on your website. The Ultra themes came with a great range of page styles and headers, background options, footer patterns, single layouts of posts, archive layouts and much more. You can also have a library of 60 plus pre designed websites with landing pages and other fabulous features that professional designers structure. So, there is no need to scratch from designs in this matter. You can have around 12 bonus addons, including the progress bar, pricing table, counter, plugins, and more.


The theme SeedProd is considered the perfect best drag and drop landing platform and builder of themes for WordPress. Through SeedProd, the website can be developed in the same manner as you want, even though non-technical users can create a custom WordPress theme from the beginning. It is associated with wonderful premade themes for the starting. You can have a complete kit of themes with compatible designs for each part of the site, not only the homepage. Around 100+ templates are available for sales business, options pages, pages of the webinar and much more. The visual editor can customize the themes with different elements and these parts. The high page conversion modules can be added like giveaways, timers, forms for options, etc. The multiple layouts are available for different pages where you can choose your colors, styles and content to place wherever you want on your site.

The most amazing part is all the designs are responsive to mobiles. The site preview is available as it can also quickly appear on mobile devices and provide customizations for mobile-only. Through perfect themes, email marketing services can be integrated, which helps you grow the list of emails and interact with the users in a better form. In addition to this, you can enjoy the compatibility of Woo Commerce. The products are added on the page and can directly sell from your parent pages of landing. SeedProd facilitates you with documentation and tutorials with having a support team to enjoy a great deal of the platforms.


4. Astra

Astra is the classy customized WordPress theme that quickly develops a website in the way you want. It comes up with a bundle of demos, which allows you to unveil a full-fledged pre configured web page with a single tap. By importing the demo, the customization can take place for appearance. 

Astra makes you unable to turn off the title page and sidebar. It integrates with known website builders like Elementor, beaver builder etc. It is a very light theme having user-friendly features that are pretty perfect for beginners. You can have purposeful themes for your online stores, consultants, owners of businesses, etc.

5. Ocean WP

Ocean WP is a portable and extensible theme for WordPress that allows you to create any website design you would like. It progresses with integration and Woo Commerce and helps page builders, including Elementor and beaver builder. It also provides layouts with customized headers, unique color categories, widgets, sliders, and features product segments.


StudioPress is considered among the most acceptable themes in WordPress. The most famous hosting vendor of WordPress, known as WP Engine, has acquired the themes of StudioPress. All the themes of StudioPress are associated with the Genesis Framework, which incorporates unlimited updates and licenses.

7. Avada

Avada is the premium and number 1 in selling themes of WordPress every time. It is considered the versatile, original and multipurpose theme of WordPress that debuted with the hundreds of pre-planned designs of web pages and around 86 plus pre-made featured sites. The theme of Avada was built to have started as frequently as you can. The demo configurator makes it easy to validate the premade information. There is an option of drag and drop builder, and there are thousands of options that customize the site as required. It is suitable for all WordPress themes.

8. Neve

Neve is the fascinating theme of WordPress development with the approach to creating any site. It may offer many initiators sites with different landing pages that you may import in a few clicks. Its compatibility is matched with the famous builder of pages like Elementor pro, etc. With the feature of drag and drop, you have the opportunity to edit the pages fully and design the customized pages without any hassle of coding at all. The theme of Neve facilitates Woo Commerce extraordinarily. It incorporates that you may also develop the online store and utilize the plugins of Woo Commerce like Coupons to establish the eCommerce business portfolio towards the next level. The setup of this theme is easy for beginners. It is available with customized layouts for both header and footer of the site. The lighting is fast, and it doesn't affect the speed of your website.

9. Exponent

It is the most attractive theme of WordPress, primarily used for business purposes. It has debuted with around 33 plus demo site templates that users can use to launch their websites as per their needs and requirements.

With its aspect of a demo importer, you can enjoy the benefit of site up and its progress in no time. What do you need to do? To set up a fully functional website, you have to replace the content with your maintained text and images. This theme is easily translatable in any language; it elaborates that you can create a multilingual website. The extra features include colors, fonts, portfolios, galleries, etc.

Final Words

As we have already discussed in most of our blogs, WordPress is considered the most demanding platform by every user because of its provided tools for Seo, jetpacks, woo commerce, customizations, etc. It would benefit you in the long run in terms of monetary aspects. But we have never given our strong consideration to how important is the catchy look of our website and it happens only through themes which drive the users and target market attention. The traffic of viewers can be generated when people come and visit your site because of your content, layouts, attractive look, features and customization with proper Seo tactics.

We have discussed different themes of WordPress that seem to be attractive, possessing an easy interface and stunning look. Now, it is up to you which theme suits your site because it also depends on the aim of your site, like it is for business, shopping, blogging etc.

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