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Advertisements from a UI/UX perspective

Advertisements from a UI/UX perspective

Good advertisements and advertising offers are boring. Oh sure, a glitzy image, interesting typography and bright colors — perhaps with dash of something wacky — is enough to catch the eye, but that's about it. And this is for an ad that your friends may see on Facebook or in their RSS reader. 

How about ads you encounter when surfing on the web? Are they equally engaging? What are the good examples of advertisements from an UI perspective and what makes them so well-designed?

As a designer and ad copy writer, I can understand how advertising works, but as an artist and photographer, I can also see what makes these ads visually stimulating.


What does UI/UX mean in advertising?

Advertising is defined as: "An announcement or notice in a printed publication, broadcast, etc. inviting potential customers to buy or use a product or service." 

Given the context of User Interface design, advertisements can extend beyond printed publications and broadcasts (TV ads for example) and also include "notices" within print publications and broadcasts (for example: online ads on websites). 

This goes beyond the traditional idea of advertisements which can be distracting and also cause frustration so I want to take some time and discuss the UI perspective of advertisements along with how this relates to creating effective advertisements from a website that allows users to focus on one thing: a website or application.

The first impression users have of your website is formed within the first few hundred milliseconds of landing on your site. 

According to research, this is the critical time when users decide if they like what they see. Your website's ad banners fall under this 'first impression' category, along with your social sharing buttons and app installations.


Is UX and UI part of marketing and advertisement?

Most people need some type of guidance when it comes to making a purchase. They want to make sure they're making the right decision and that they'll be satisfied with the outcome. That's why it can be so important to have great user experience (UX) on your website even if you're selling a physical product.

In a world where the internet has become one of the most important tools for businesses to grow their profits, it’s no surprise that UX/UI designers are being hired by companies as an integral part of their marketing team.

Achieving this goal requires careful consideration in every point of design during the process of UI/UX design. It reminds me of a quote from Ice Cube: "Once you get a taste, you want more." This is natural instinct, so it works very effectively with users' nature. And an advertisement can be an effective way to give users a taste of how different your product's experience will be like.

Why Creative Advertising Needs UX Design Input?

There are several reasons why your company needs UX/UI designers:

  • They help you understand your customers better by studying their behavior and looking at how they interact with your product or service. This helps you create solutions that solve real problems and make things easier for them.
  • They create a great user experience which will make people want to buy your product or service more often. It will increase conversions, engagement, retention and sales!
creativer advertising

It is important to understand that UX and UI are different things, but related pieces of a bigger picture. 

A good example of this would be when you visit an airport terminal that's new, clean, and has all the services you need — like food and drink stands, security check-in points, baggage carousels, etc. But if the signage isn't clear or if there's no one around to help you find your way around or check you in, then your experience will be poor.

UX design is about making sure users have a great experience on a website or mobile app from start to finish, so they'll keep coming back for more — whether that's for information or entertainment or shopping or whatever else your business provides.


UX and UI as a Part of the Overall Marketing Strategy and Advertising?

Marketing has been around for a long time. It is an essential part of business and is used to communicate with customers, as well as attract them to your products.

The main goal of marketing is to present a product in the best possible way so that it will be purchased by consumers. This can be done through advertising, public relations, social media and other methods.

The term "marketing" can refer to the type of product being sold, or the type of sale being made. For example, when you buy something at a flea market or yard sale (as opposed to at a store), that's an example of retail sales. 

When you make a big purchase from an online retailer like Amazon or Best Buy, that's an example of B2B (business-to-business) sales.

The Future Of UX & Advertising

As technology continues to evolve, so do the ways it can be utilized to enhance the user experience. The rising popularity of wearables and other smart devices has led many companies to explore how they can incorporate these technologies into their business models.

Increasingly, businesses are investing in user experience (UX) design to make their products more appealing and easier to use. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which tools will work best for your business. 

Here’s a look at some of the most common types of UX tools and how they can improve your appeal:

Prototyping tools

Prototyping is an essential part of any modern UX redesign project. It gives developers an opportunity to test out ideas before committing them to code, ensuring that everything works as expected before launching a new feature or product into the wild. 

Prototyping tools allow designers to create high-quality prototypes without spending hours writing code or dealing with technical issues. These tools also allow developers to collaborate on a single project from different locations, which makes it easier for teams across multiple departments within an organization to work together efficiently.

Prototyping tools

Wireframing tools

Wireframing is one of the first steps in user experience design processes because it helps you determine what works best for users while also allowing you to keep track of how content will be displayed on a website or app throughout development stages. Some of the most popular wireframing tools include Moqups, and Mockplus.

User research tools

User research is an integral part of any UX design process because it allows designers to gain insight into how users interact with products or services that they're designing. These tools help gather data about users' needs, preferences and behaviors so that designers can create something that meets those expectations.

Usability testing

Usability testing allows you to determine whether or not real people find it easy to use your product after they have interacted with it for a certain amount of time (usually 15 minutes). This type of testing is often used for websites or apps, but can also be used for other types of products such as furniture or car dashboards.

There are many user testing tools available online, and I’ve listed some of the most popular ones below:

  • User Testing: This is one of the most popular user testing tools because it offers both paid and free trials, which makes it easy for you to test it out before making a purchase. It also comes with a lot of features that make it easy for you to conduct your own tests and track progress over time.
  • Usability Hub: Usability Hub is another popular option because it offers various pricing plans based on what you need as well as features like A/B testing and live chat support. It also allows you to share videos with other people involved in your project so they can give their own feedback on them as well.
  • UserFeel: User Feel is another great option for any type of user testing because it offers everything from free trials to premium plans depending on how many users you want to test out at once or if you just want an unlimited number of tests conducted at once.


Interviews are another way of gathering information from people who aren’t your target audience but could have insight into what they want or need from your product or service.

Card sorting

Card sorting helps identify how items should be grouped together based on how users perceive them. 

Final words

A good UI/UX can change millions of user consciousness, and can directly affect the brand's reputation. However, there is also a big gap between user consciousness and product reputation. The most important thing for a brand to do is to make users feel that it has value when they use the product or service.  

We have to understand why people choose our products, and then make changes as soon as possible to meet their needs. Doing well in UI/UX design will let users experience the product without complaints, which means that the first step of brand service is achieved well. 

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