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Five no-code marketplaces created with Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier

Five no-code marketplaces created with Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier


Online marketplace rivalry is continually evolving and changing due to recurring characteristics. All online marketplace users can benefit from the new strategies and innovations that the markets have introduced.

Five markets will be reviewed in the article below. I've chosen to assess five user-made online marketplaces. If you are thinking about starting your own business, I will use a day that I'm not quite a year old to show you what you can do if you start from scratch today. Before I go any further, I should mention how crucial last year was to the process. I have many excellent plans for 2022, and it's now much more fun to read this article and a piece of information with new directions.

The time has bring dynamic changes and from them one change is the development of no-code marketplace.

Before diving down, first, the advantage of no-code development must be clear. The advantages of choosing no-code markets are a simpler launch, agility, cost savings, and customization. Let's examine its few benefits in as under. The information provided here on the five no-code marketplaces of the present day is useful since it addresses topics that are essential in the business world of today. They have their advantages and provide advantages to the audience according to their parameters. Once consumers are aware of the strategies they want to apply on these platforms, they can put them to good use.

A builder can create a no-code marketplace without technical expertise or extensive software understanding. Many of the tasks are completed for you when you use ready-to-use templates. Then, without requiring CSS or HTML, you can visually design your marketplaces and add distinctive features using simple drag and drop options. A marketplace can be launched in as less as an hour.

Let's discuss the no-code marketplace places which can be developed through Webflow, Airtable, or Zapier. The below information will consistently guide you.

The marketplaces are as under:


  • Chive
  • Rivuuz
  • Mucki
  • Neighbourhoods
  • TouchBase


Over 27,000 charities are already in operation in New Zealand, making it challenging for smaller organizations to stand out and draw new donations. By developing Chive, an online marketplace that aids people in New Zealand in discovering and support local charities. Two entrepreneurs, Alice and Stephen, have decided to build a directory to level the playing field for these organizations. On the other hand, you can visit the website and filter out all the numerous organizations now listed on Chive by what, if anything. Imagine, for instance, that we want to find all the nonprofit organizations currently assisting the causes.

 You can click into a charity to find out more about it and read a little bit about their aim, the kind of influence they've made thus far, and their origin story. There are a few ways you can show your support for them, and one of them is to sign up with an outstanding facilitator who will advise you of any native activities they may be involved in. It entails that by utilizing a box link included in our plug airtable, you can make one-time or recurring gifts directly to the fruit chive. This is a complete game-changer for charities that do not already have your website or do not have the functionality on their websites to collect donations. If you want to support health and wellbeing, you can jump on Chive and donate to the health and wellbeing fun. Chive will then present your money on your behalf to various charities. On their behalf, they've been processing a lot of donations. This is a terrific illustration of how you can use open-source programming to benefit your community.

Innovation has taken up no-code marketplaces for benefit of people


Michelle, a Zambian accountant, developed Rivuuz. Rivuuz isn't yet on the market for individuals in Lusaka to employ a local service provider, such as mechanics, builders, carpenters, and things of that type. They have hundreds more charities registered. They've been processing a tonne of donations on their behalf, and this is just an excellent illustration of how you can use coding expertise to benefit your neighbourhood truly. 

She decided to start the website because it was a hassle to find these kinds of service suppliers. Currently, the most common approach for people to find service providers is through a free Group on Facebook. People would join these groups, post the jobs, and then many people will contact them. With these organizations, there is a problem in that you frequently find yourself in a situation where someone offers to perform the work for you but doesn't have the experience they claim to have, which leads to you losing the job. 

Therefore, locating the ideal service provider should be simpler, so why does anybody choose to travel outside and discover services in several places? There must be a work that is comparable to what they have produced. One thing that Michelle did on the website is an excellent example of how to be strategic. She also gets back the testimonials from some of the previews and clients and ensures that if you get in touch with a specific service provider, you know that they have done the work.

While searching for other service providers to join the team, she researched the step-by-step procedure of building a house, and as a result, she developed this resource. She posted it online, intending to make the process easier for other individuals. Michelle undoubtedly realized that the audience would use competing service providers, which is why many people started downloading. She had begun to build a clientele with this book.


Mucki, the following marketplace, offers parents a directory that makes it easier for them to find daycare centers. Finding a daycare for his child made it clear to Hamermesh that finding a bake shouldn't be as tricky as it is now, so he established Mucki. The velocity of current information is one of the marketplaces' main problems.

You'll discover that information is scattered across the internet. And it is frequently not even up-to-date. So this website has essentially created a list of all the daycare facilities with current information so that you as a parent can quickly research and choose which center you believe to be the best fit for your specific child. The utilization of airtable and zapier was also included in another portion of the website. On one website, though, you can view a map that shows the locations of all the various venues, something I haven't seen on many other websites.


This is yet another excellent illustration of a lead generation marketplace that notably demonstrates the market inefficiencies it addresses. For instance, on one side of the equator, you can jump over to this area and get a general idea of how various atheists have designed their communities. However, what's cool about this is that it links directly to all the different pages you can view using Wipro CMS, providing a great user experience.

Instead of engaging a marketing team or a website designer to develop our website, this may help promote our business among the other daycare centers in the same market. You can now sign up to a site like this and use the form to draw new potential clients to our site. Therefore, Alex, who has experience in digital marketing, established that market if the next market is neighbourhoods. Consequently, before establishing communities, he lavishly funded sponsored advertising for New Zealand real estate agents. One of the things that have helped Alex is generating leads for real estate agents since it was evident that prospective first-time home buyers start their journey by researching. The various areas within the city to live in, they will know that you also a place to go to if they want to find a real estate agent, so I think Alex has done well with this. For example, if you want to see what the best bars and restaurants are robbing using Google, you can use a site like that that is curated by someone who lives. This is a beautiful approach to establish yourself as even more of an authority in that niche for real estate agents if you are already working in an industry like Alex's.


The most recent market update will be examined. The touch base mockup that is now in use was only created weeks ago. However, I want to draw attention to it because it is a fantastic illustration of a well-organized transactional marketplace. Sue from New York developed this market to make it easier for you to communicate with your preferred sources of inspiration or content providers. Let's say you wanted to use this marketplace to get in touch with Monica, a fashion content creator.

By clicking on her profile, you can select to ski with her for either 15 minutes, 25 minutes, or 55 minutes. The process is as follows: after clicking on her profile, you can select the day and time you wish to meet with her. When that occurs, you can automatically add the necessary credit item or use your authority to pay for that session. I'd like to discuss this market briefly: The Beckelme Integrate Festival is fantastic. The individual is dynamic. I'm aware that other individuals have made an effort to deal with this problem in some way.

You may enter the site, add a variety of different topics, and create several various events. I must admit that this is nicely done because being able to process transactions is the dream and makes it much easier to monetize up by collecting a percentage of a sale. This marketplace's ability to do transactions is another fantastic feature. Because it's sometimes a lot simpler to set up with the various contact forms that are out there, you'll typically discover a lot of folks were developing the first marketplace to perform lead generation marketplaces. You can tell that this website was only built a few months ago, possibly six or seven.

I also want to emphasize how great I think it is from a strategic sense because often, people who are trying to establish the first market overdo things. We lack the people the market needs in terms of suppliers. You can see that you don't necessarily need to launch with 20 supplies to provide value because touching base releases the suppliers, or in this case, content creators, one at a time. You could start with a particular subject. This will be a lot of fun, and it's a perfect example of how to build a strong know-code marketplace. A few nice, and then increase momentum one by one.


The above-mentioned information is as considerable and important as we need in today’s era. The five no-code marketplaces of today's period. They possess their benefits and give the audience advantages on their terms. The users can use them usefully after knowing the tactics they want to implement through these platforms.

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