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WordPress and Other Blogging Platforms - A COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW

WordPress and Other Blogging Platforms - A COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW

Thinking of initiating your blog and building up a blogging platform but not knowing where to start and which platform to choose for blogging? How to select the niche that will benefit you in the long run. Choosing a platform is a bit hard regarding security, protocol, plugins, etc. How would you find the platform for blogging that would be advantageous? We will discuss this in the following article.

WordPress a blogging Platform, WordPress vs Wix, Weebly, Ghost, Blogger, Gator

In the following article, we will assist you in selecting the best platform by elaborating on the pros and cons of available sites for blogging. The various platform of blogging on which users are maintaining their portfolios are as follows:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Medium
  • Ghost
  • Blogger
  • Gator

Selection of Blogging Platform 

Firstly, it is important to be aware of what you are searching for in blogging. It would be helpful when this prime objective has an answer to your query. If we talk about aspects for beginners, you would be looking for a site that is easy to use, has a great interface, possesses a low curve of learning, and has no requirement for coding skills. 

The most important thing is what type of blogs you want to write or create or want your blog to stay in the long run and provide a monetary benefit to you. Over time, when the blog develops, you would wish to change the site's appearance to attract the target market and keep the objective of growing the audience. It desires a room that must be flexible and room for development. If you start with the wrong platform, it would later become the toughest job for you to hold or switch to another platform. 

If you don't want your blog to monetize, your objective should be to make money blogging shortly. Keeping all these aspects in mind, let's discuss the great blogging platforms for our beginners.

WordPress.Org, popularly known as "the actual WordPress," is a well-known website platform you've probably heard of. It's an open forum, which means anyone could use it for free. The domain name and Web Hosting are the only things you'll need to buy. That's why it's also known as self-hosted WordPress. The advantages and disadvantages of using a self-hosted WordPress website to build a website or blog are numerous.

Let's look at some of the advantages of using to design your site and why it is regarded as the best site builder among many other platforms. Once you've grasped the basics, the program is free, accessible, and simple. WordPress is used by roughly 43% of all sites on the internet. You own some of the data, and your site will not be shut down if someone believes it breaches the terms of service when you're not doing anything unlawful. You have complete control over the webpage. Paid, free, and customized plugins can all be added to the website for future improvements. We can also monetize the blog by running advertising without splitting the profits with anybody.

For personalized tracking, statistical techniques such as Google Analytics can be employed. With self-hosted WordPress, you can create an online market to purchase physical or digital items, accept card payments, and ship goods directly from the website. The individual customers create membership internet sites and offer subscriptions for premium content, coursework, and other services to create an online congregational all-around website. is a popular website-building platform that incorporates the ability to add a blog place to the company's website and another online store. The website builder tool is exceptionally user-friendly for non-techies or those who aren't tech-savvy and have very low start-up investments. You may pick from hundreds of pre-made templates and then modify the blog's look without having to write any code. It includes Seo techniques, high blog security, autosave & backups, website traffic, and other useful features. 

No programming required drag and drop website builder for beginners. For the blog, there are dozens of totally configurable handles all of the technical information of maintaining the website, so it's simple to get started.

Beginning at just $1.95 per month, it offers all important components. All priced plans come with a free domain. Customers' services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via telephone, chat support, and e - mail. Because the environment for addons and apps is limited, there are not too many third-party components as there are for WordPress. The blogging capabilities aren't even close to those of WordPress. Switching the site to another platform afterward is tough because is a unique WordPress plugin.


Wix is considered the most popular platform to build your websites, the feature of drag and drop as a website builder provides you a solution for start-up businesses to create a website. The blog can also integrate into the website through the application of Wix. The website of Wix was developed in 2006 as a place where every individual can originate their website and where no coding competency is needed. Existing, the Wix platform contributes to around 110 million users worldwide. The audience always searches the platform, which provides great and easy access having an easy interface having peace of mind.

The benefits of Wix are that the site can be customized, and many templates and applications are provided. Build and develop the site with tools of drag and drop. No skills in coding are required. Setup is accessible.

The free version is restricted, and the site will display Wix advertising and marketing. The number of free 3rd applications is restricted. You can't modify a template once you've chosen one. Ecommerce capabilities are only available on subscription accounts, and even then, they are restricted.


Gator is also a builder of a website and platform of blogging developed by HostGator. Gator's platform offers the tool of drag and drop, which you may use to build a website that incorporates blogs, sites for a business, and the online shopping platform. It would be best if you did not confuse the Gator builder with the hosting of HostGator. The same platform can be used to initiate a blog on WordPress.


HubSpot CMS Centre is a complete platform of blogging that gives this facility to all types of small, medium and large-sized businesses. It is based upon the top priorities of marketing and CRM interventions, so you may benefit from establishing a great website, enjoy the advantage of having more subscribers, and can easily send newsletters and manage the list of customers, which can be done through this single platform. The HubSpot gives you an opportunity as a website builder, which enables you to change and modify the website's style easily. You may customize the content you want your audience to see and attract.

WordPress and Other Blogging Platforms - Which One is Best?

WordPress and Other Blogging Platform

We have discussed various platforms for blogging and website building. Each platform is giving out its services primarily with great properties and features. Each platform has its pros and cons, but and are excellent website providers. They offer uniquely designed features, and their many bundles make it simple to choose. A certain domain could create confusion, such as and is especially unfriendly to beginners. The judgments have quite a long historical context, which you may learn about in our article mentioned above and in detail about WordPress and other blogging platforms.

WordPress is considered the most demanding platform by every user because of its provided tools for Seo, jetpacks, woo commerce, customizations, etc. It would benefit you in the long run in terms of monetary aspects. As WordPress is an open-source platform and if somebody can pay for that individual can initiate the blogging from as discussed above and when you start to earn ranking through Seo you can convert it to, it will cost you for domain and hosting but it will return you through its monetization.

The distinctions between substrates have already been examined in depth. Which network you use for your blogging or company, or, is entirely up to you. Wishing you the best of luck with your future website, and remember to pick the right platform. It could be beneficial to you in the long run. 

Final Thoughts is preferable because it allows you to monetize your assets and provides more customizable patterns that let you make a beautiful website. If you are willing to do it for blogging, it allows you to target readers with various features that other blogging platforms are not providing. 

In the era of blogging, the development of websites is consistently increasing. People are using these platforms to earn money and to share their knowledge around the globe. Blogging makes people across the globe close to each other and makes interactions possible with easy accessibility. Use these platforms and encourage your target audience to read your article and help in the growth and productivity of others as well.

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