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go to top and WordPress.Com - Which Platform is Better and WordPress.Com - Which Platform is Better and are two distinct platforms, did you know? Often newbies confuse and, which makes them select the wrong platform of blogging for their needs and certainly, those who know about the differences between these two platforms won't even utilize them in a better form. 

Different users have asked: Which is the best platform, either or The most comprehensive guide with a comparison of both platforms has been discussed in detail for their guidance. The main objective is to highlight the main objects between and to select the right platform for your requirements.


Comparison of vs. 

The best possible way to understand the distinction between and is to observe each platform, also known as "the true WordPress," is the popular website device you've heard so much about. It is considered an open-source platform, and anybody can use it for free. What you need to purchase is the domain name and hosting. That's the reason it is also called self-hosted WordPress.

The benefits and drawbacks of utilizing self-hosted to construct the site or blog are considerable.

Benefits of gives full control to your website. You can do anything from the perspective of customization whenever you feel.

  • Let's have a few of the benefits of choosing to build the website and why it is considered #1 the builder of the best website among other platforms.
  • The software is free, open-source, and easy to use once understanding is cleared. WordPress is utilized by around 43% of all websites available.
  • You have the ownership of all your data, and your site won't be closed if anybody thinks that the site violates the terms and conditions when you aren't doing anything illegal. The website is in your control.
  • The paid, free and custom plugins can be attached to the website for further and future enhancements.
  • The design of the website can also be customized as and when required. The theme for WordPress, either free or premium, can be added. You have the authority to create your custom designs or change anything if you want.
  • Your site can also be monetized by running your ads without sharing the profit with anyone.
  • Statistical tools can be used like Google Analytics for customized tracking.
  • Self-hosted WordPress allows you to develop an online marketplace to sell physical or digital goods, embrace the payments of credit cards, and deliver the products directly through your website.
  • Users can also build an online congregation around the website by creating membership websites and selling subscriptions for paid content, coursework, etc.

Cons of

Cons of for using the self-hosted site of

Like all types of websites, there is a need for web hosting. This is the place where all your files of websites are stored. The cost is $3-$10 per month. Whenever the website grows and attains a great range of traffic, the hosting plan would be hiked as interpreted, but with this expansion, you would be able to make sufficient money to cover all your costs.

Firstly you need to install WordPress, and various WordPress hosting platforms offer installation options of one 1-click. There are options for an update available too. Simple, you can click the update button, so it is not much work. You are responsible for backups on your own. Various plugins may set up auto generated backups.

The cost of the site varies based on what you want or in a pattern to build a simple blog, portfolio site, the store of eCommerce etc. There is also the additional cost of templates, themes, plugins etc. Due to the cost of these things, can be an expensive source. is another platform provided by WordPress used for blogging and website development. Automatic creates the service of hosting. It is an organization led by the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. 


Benefits of is a free-of-cost platform, especially for those whose hobby is making blogs on different topics. Let us have a few of the benefits of utilizing possesses a space of up to 3GB. After that, you have to move towards the paid plan for additional storage space. The personal plan is $48 /year, giving you 6 GB. The premium plan is $96/year which gives you storage of 13GB, and the business package is for $300/year which provides storage of 200 GB.

For, you don't have to worry about backup or updates, and will care on its own.

Cons of 

There are a few limitations held by for which it differentiates from, and let us discuss the disadvantages associated with it.

The ads can be placed on free websites, and users see ads, and you won't earn money through it if you don't want your users to see those ads when you have to buy the upgrade plan of $48 per year.

You aren't permitted to sell ads through your website, and it minimizes patterns of making money through it. If you are running a high-traffic website, you would be able to apply for their advertisement programs known as Word Ads, where your revenue can also be shared with them. The premium and users of the Business plan can use the system of Word Ads straight away.

Plugins are not allowed to be uploaded. Jetpack functionalities are pre-activated for customers of the free plan. Users on the Business package can choose from a list of acceptable plugins like $300 each year. The VIP program on allows you to install extensions and costs $5000 each month.

Custom themes are not available for download. Customers can use the restricted number of free themes available on the free version. Premium and business plan subscribers can also choose from various premium designs. The free edition has a restricted number of customizing choices. Custom CSS is available to the users of Premium and Business plans.

  • You're limited to their statistics. You won't be able to use Google Analytics and any other advanced tracking tool. Google Analytics can be installed by users appropriately on their Business plan.
  • A customized subdomain, e.g.,, is included with all free sites of For the custom domain name, for example,, you must upgrade to a premium plan.
  • If authorities believe the site breaches its terms and conditions, they have the right to remove it at any moment.
  • A sponsored by, the link will appear on your website. Please upgrade to the Business plan to get rid of it.
  • Until you upgrade to the eCommerce package, will not have any eCommerce functionality or connected payment methods.
  • does not support the creation of membership sites.

As you may observe, the hosting system is severely constrained when using free, private, or professional plans. You must possess the Business or VIP program to access a few more additional features.

Which is Preferable: or

If you're a casual blogger who doesn't want to make revenue from the site, is a good option. The recommendation is to utilize the self-hosted, whether you are a business professional or a blogger who wants to make money. It provides you the flexibility and freedom to develop the website in any way you want.  

On the other side, the business plan is $300 for each site, offers few capabilities, and a self-hosted site which costs around $46 each year can make money considerably, in my perspective, is by far the superior platform. Every expert writer, small company owner, and even large corporation uses this platform.

Last Thoughts and are both good platforms among all websites. They provide you with features as per your requirements, and their different packages make it easy for you to choose. The misunderstanding may be caused by the same domains as vs. is particularly bad for newcomers. The decisions have made a long historical background which you have learned in our article as entailed below, are interrelated.

The differences between platforms have been discussed in detail above. It is up to you which platform you choose for your blogging or business, or A piece of very good luck to you for your next website, choose the right platform. It may benefit you in the long run. is better to use because it will provide you monetization with your investments and will give extra customization patterns which make your website a great one and if you want to use it for blogging, it helps you to attract users with its different tools. Enjoy with your favorite one.

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