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Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts that Convert

Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts that Convert
SEO friendly blog posts

Goal: Writing a blog post that not only attracts the right kind of audience but also converts them into customers.

Prerequisites or requirements: Part of the recipe assumes you’re using WordPress on your blog. But you can perform the equivalent actions on your own CMS. 

Why this is important: Without a proper strategy backing up your blog posts you’ll spend a considerable amount of time writing content that will not help you achieve any of your goals.

When this is done: Every time you want to write a new blog post.

Who does this: Joint effort between the person responsible for SEO and Content.

Step 1 - Grab your keyword research spreadsheet (or perform keyword research if you don’t have done it yet)

keyword research, keyword Mapping

Click here to view this SOP

Outcome: You have defined the exact keyword that you want to target with your blog post.

Special instructions: To be more efficient you should perform comprehensive keyword research once every few months covering a large range of topics. Then, once you pick what you’re going to write about, perform in-depth keyword research on that specific topic.

Step 2 - Create an awesome blog post outline

how to create awesome blog posts outlines

Click here to view this SOP

Outcome: You have completed the Outline Template and went through the General Blog Post Checklist included in the same SOP. 

Step 3 - Perform on-page optimization on your blog post

create an On-page optimized blog post

Click here to view the Yoast SOP / Click here to view the RankMath SOP / Click here to view the SEO Press SOP

Outcome: You’ve perfectly optimized the content of your post for search engines.

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